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Siberian Husky Puppies At 4 weeks Of Age

  • Physical appearance: At 4 weeks old, Siberian Husky puppies are pretty adorable to be around as they start discovering the world around them and biting everything they can get their little shark teeth on. Their ears are still floppy and their attempts to run are pretty cute.

  • Behavior: Siberian Husky puppies at this age are very playful and curious. They love to explore their surroundings and interact with their littermates.

  • Developmental milestones: At 4 weeks old, Siberian Husky puppies are starting to develop their own unique personalities and are becoming more confident and independent. They are also learning how to walk and play with their littermates. This is the period the fun starts of them exploring everything and trying to run fast.

  • Caring for 4-week-old Siberian Husky puppies: This is the time we introduce food to the puppies and it is quite entertaining to watch them dive in, or be cautious :) . Diving in with all paws inside the dish makes a bit off mess but as long as they are eager to eat, we don't mind the mess. We start them on raw diet just like mom and the rest of the pack, the food has great benefits to their development as it is easy to digest, full of natural enzymes and nutrients. The food needs to be formulated for growth so it is a bit of a science to prepare the correct ingredients and quantities. We add probiotics and prebiotics just like for our adults to build strong gut health in the puppies.

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