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Can GrandCh Nanook's Diamond On The Rise

Bella (CKC registered Siberian husky) was our first show dog and breeding female. Annette Dionne (Nanook Siberians Canada) trusted us with another one of her wonderful purebred and well bred dogs and we were truly blessed to take her home and start this new adventure into the Dog World. She showed us the true stubborn hooligan side of the Siberian Husky (although I am sure there are greater hooligans out there). 

Bella thought me many things about the breed. She was untrainable, trouble maker, stubborn, challenging, all while wagging her tail at me and smiling. Although she seemed mentally deficient on the outside, she was pretty smart to play the game and get what she wants, which thought me to become a better handler and understand this breed better. She started my passion for running with the dogs through bikejoring and sledding. Bella and I have had many disagreements on the trails on how this dog running activity should go, but she always manages to end the argument with a wagging tail and put a smile on my face after I have cooled down from her devilry behavior. 

Bella and I have participated in multiple dog sports such as Conformation, Obedience (I know, strange sport for this girl), Barn Hunt, Trick Dog and working in harness. 

Today, I continue to enjoy dog sports with this girl, mainly sledding recreationally, she runs in wheel position with my small team mushing with great power and confidence and keeping the young girls in check. 

Bella pedigree.png

Performance Titles

Health Testing

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