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Kananaskis County Sled Dogs

There is nothing like being together with our furry friends in the Canadian Rockies. Despite the miserable winter conditions we have had this year, the snow is crisp and white, sparkling like diamonds under the clear blue sky. The air is fresh and cold, filling my lungs with every breath.

The mountains are majestic and awe-inspiring, towering over the landscape with their rugged peaks and slopes. I feel a bond with my dogs as they pull me along the trails in our beautiful backyard. They are strong and agile, running with grace and enthusiasm.

We glide through the forests and meadows of Kananaskis country, a winter wonderland that is peaceful and serene. The trees are covered with snow, creating a contrast with the evergreen needles.

I marvel at the beauty of nature and the joy of being with my dogs feeling blessed for all we have.

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Feb 10

It was nice to meet you folks and your dogs in McLean.


Husky Haven, Bragg Creek, AB

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